Dementia Awareness Week  15-21 May 2018

Silver Dancers

Our Silver Dances started out as a pilot scheme in conjunction with the Blackpool council and local residential homes has now been endorsed by Anne Nolan Alzheimer's & Dementia Ambassador focusing on dementia. Janet and Beverley feel that it’s hard enough to lose someone you love to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. It’s terrifying to think you could end up there yourself, someday.  Our approach is simple as professional dance teachers we bring music and dance to hundreds of people every week so we know what people like and remember. Our playlists include old favourite tunes and new ones, music that will bring back memories combined with movement through performance and participation that can engage dementia participants enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialise and stay present.
What is Dementia.... It's a word used to describe a group of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. 

Dance is exercise and Exercise helps improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. It can reduce the risk of some types of cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes. It can help maintaining strong muscles and flexible joints can help people maintain independence for longer, It can helping to keep bones strong reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and improve sleep, as well as reduce the risk of falls by improving strength and balance.

It can also improve cognition and may improve memory and slow down mental decline.

But most of all we hope the social interaction will reduce the feeling of isolation, improving confidence, increase self-esteem and improve mood.


Tea Dance

All welcome

Cost £2.50 per person including Tea and Biscuits

Ballroom and Sequence Dance

Anyone can come to our tea dance whether your with someone with dementia or not you will all be welcome 

it's about meeting new people, having a chat and a dance and having fun

Every Thursday 2pm - 4pm 

Do you care for someone with Dementia? 

Then come along..... it is a chance for them to have fun and get some exercise, it is also a chance for you to chat with other carers and meet new friends who really understand. 

If you know an elderly person who is suffering with dementia and would like to come for a dance or just a cuppa then bring them along it's £2.50 and care (you) get in free, any Nursing Home wishing to attend please ring  01253 69 33 50 to book (care Free)


Silver Dancers on the move 2010-2017

If you would like us to visit your  Residential Home it costs is from £20 -£40

We bring our own speaker and music and our trained dancers will motivate your clients with lively up to date and nostalgic music. Encouraging movement through performance and participation we will have your toes tapping and hands clapping and even dancing before you know it.

Over the years we have worked in quite a few nursing homes and rest homes providing seated Exercise classes and Dance sessions

Ashton View Residential Home Longridge

Alston Lodge  Residential Care Home Longridge

Longridge Hall and Lodge  Care Home

Old Vicarage Care Home Freckleton 

Dutton Brook House Parsonage Ave Ribchester 
Belgravia care Blackpool
Croft house residential care home Freckleton
Gilwood Lodge Nursing Home Blackpool
Amazing.. my residents loved this and some of them who don't usually interact got involved as did all us staff hehe thanks so much xx
 Elle Louise

Silver Dancers watching

We run monthly dance holidays at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Blackpool for people with out Dementia.  During these holidays there are afternoon tea dances

Please feel free to ask  Bev if you can bring a Silver dancer to watch the afternoon Tea Dance and listen to the music, they will get so much out of it.

How music and dance can make a difference

About us

As A child Janet group up playing with a friend who's Nan had dementia and at 16 she decided she would Volunteer at the local hospital this lead a nurse training to ten years of working in mental health, before a change of career to become a dance and fitness teacher. Beverley had a grandma with dementia to know full well what impact it can have on family life. so a few years ago when they were asked to help at a dementia dance they just said yes.
A few years ago I (Janet) was inspired by an American lady Hazel Minnick, who is suffering from dementia and who uses Ballroom dance to help her get through this terrible disease. Since getting to know Hazel she has become an author  "Living in My Shadow ~ My Journey with Alzheimer's" ~ Alzheimer's Awareness and "Unlikely Dancer.
I was honoured earlier this year (2016)  to be asked by Hazel Minnick to contribute to one of her books and I wondered if you would like to see what I wrote.

" As a Ballroom dancer, I find that when I am stressed or mentally tired I just need to get onto the floor and start dancing and I feel so much better, I’m sure we have all had friends that say “dancing, lets them forget their worries” well it certainly does for me.

As a disabled dancer “I’m profoundly deaf” the act of movement is more important than the sound and rhythms but they play apart. Sometimes I dance with, and sometimes without my aids, as the mood takes me. 
Over the years I have worked with many disable dancers from, deaf, blind to those with dementia and I find dance is a great leveller, something we can all enjoy in our own way. 
Recently I was at a dementia awareness day at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool, I had been asked to dance with some of the visitors, it was wonderful to see the way the music and steps brought back memories and how people of all abilities were able to join in, in their own way. 
Through the school, I help run we visit nursing homes and run dancers mixing old familiar rhythms and song to provoke memories with new exciting rhythms to engage the mind. 
I think most people know that dancing offers a great workout and many health benefits, it works, all major muscle groups and requires co-ordination, flexibility and strength. But we often forget that it is an act of methodically repeating what you just saw or you've committed to memory which is good for the brain and that it is an enjoyment a release of personal expression, and for many an act of pure joy".

Janet Lee Chapman (FUKA FIDTA)"

Have you seen our "dementia and dance" article in the IDTA Magazine this month

Last November we started our Tea Dance focusing on dementia and are very proud to say that we have been endorsed by Anne Nolan Alzheimer's & Dementia Ambassador. I think I can speak for Beverley as well when I say we have found it all very rewarding and it reminds us why we started dancing if the first place.  Janet
Janet and Beverley have attended course thought the local council for training to work with people with Dementia.

Volunteers and Help

How we can all help to make a difference

At this time when so many people are suffering from this disease, both I and Beverley wanted to do something to help fight against it. so we approached our students at the school to see how they could get involved. 

Our students have dance to raise money for the disease at the local hospital 
And we have been chaperones to dance with people at the Blackpool Tower Dementia Day.

Come get involved 
We meet  on a Tuesday morning 10.30am and or on a Thursday night at 8pm for a dance chat and a bit of rehearsal

Our next project is to raise £2,000 to put in Disable toilets and run a sensory cafe

WE DID IT we were hoping to Hit a target of £200 for help to keep our Silver Dancers Tea Dance running and we did it but there still tilme to donate our page will be runnung till 28/3/17
If you can not come but would like to support, with Tea Bags, Coffee, Biscuits or a donation so we can let some Silver Dancers come free then please donate here
Our First Silver Persons Tea Dance Nov 2016
Blackpool Tower Dementia Awareness Day October 2016

Fun at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital All dressed up for our 40/50's show on dementia awareness day May 2016

 Imperial Hotel dementia awareness day 2014